The Story Behind The Sound Banks


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The story

I started singing and playing instruments in my early teens and made and performed music in a band at school. As well as being able to play the guitar, I also took an interest in learning to play the piano. My obsession with synths began in the early nineties when I used to play around on my father's Korg M1, EMU Orbit and Ensoniq SD1 which he kept in his bedroom at the home where I lived with my parents.

I eventually went solo during my time at University and bought my first ever synths - the Korg Trinity and Korg Prophecy and started producing electronic dance music in my late teens and had over 30 releases by the early noughties on vinyl records on various progressive house/trance record labels in the UK and appeared on several CD compilations around the world.

I had a lot of success with some of the releases and also DJ'd at venues and played on the radio. My records were played by Superstar DJ's such as Paul Oakenfold, Sasha and Armin Van Buuren and they sold thousands of copies worldwide. I released my debut Vitality artist album on my own record label TSYT Recordings in 2004 and not long after due to health reasons took a big break from the music industry and put my music career on hold for a while.

During my time out from the music industry, I went for a few visits to a specialist at the local hospital to test my hearing. As suspected, I was diagnosed with losing my hearing on my right side from 4Khz upwards. This, most likely caused through working in noisy environments over the years. As far as I am aware this is called Spatial Hearing Loss or Sensorineural Hearing Loss. It didn't come as a shock to me as I knew something wasn't quite right. However, I decided not to let that prevent me from making new music and designing new sounds especially now that I wear a hearing aid on my right side which compensates for the hearing loss. Beethoven was deaf and he made outstanding music during his era! I wasn't going to let this stop me.

A few years ago my enthusiasm for making music returned and I invested in the Korg Kronos synthesizer after deciding it was the best synthesizer to purchase for producing new electronic dance music records after a long break from the music industry and having sold all my old synths. I have owned Korg synths in the past such as the Korg Trinity Workstation, so I was well aware of what the synth was capable of and how versatile Korg Workstations are and how they are the best solution for my needs.

Korg is a brand I trust and which I have come to really like over the years and I knew the infrastructure of Korg synth's inside and out. I became somewhat of an expert at programming synths when I first started designing new sounds in 1999. I was very passionate about synths in the past and I used to make Third Party Sound Libraries for various hardware and software synthesizer's for in the early noughties and received a lot of great feedback from customers across the globe.

I created patches for the Access Virus Rack, Korg MS2000/R, Korg Prophecy, Korg Trinity, Korg Triton, Novation Nova Laptop, Novation Supernova II, Waldorf Micro Q and the Waldorf Microwave XT/k and a few other synths when I had my own studio.

When I bought my Korg Kronos, I decided I wanted to make new sounds again on the synthesizer which sounded much bigger and fatter than the programs included in the factory shipped Sound Banks and wanted to rekindle my passion for making new breathtaking Third Party sound libraries.

It was my desire to create new programs from initialized patches which are exciting and innovative and which no one else has made and to make sounds which would make myself and other users of my VITA SOUNDS VOL. 1 Sound Banks stand out from the crowd and provide them with a great deal of pleasure!

I set about the task of developing new sounds on the Kronos with the intention of helping other Kronos users who are beginners and who don't know how to program their Kronos and produce sounds which weren't already catered for on the synthesizer. Especially when it comes to electronic dance music. I recognised that a huge synth sound can be the difference between a hit record and a run of the mill record. I wanted to demonstrate to Kronos users that you can use programs just as much as combinations to get the sound you want for a track or audio production.

I love to take a synth to it's extremes and push it to it's limits to showcase what the Kronos Workstation can do. I found that the factory installed patches are a bit thin sounding and weak. My VITA SOUNDS VOL. 1 Sound Banks are a lot better than the factory sounds in my opinion and are designed to help make users stand out and give not only myself but also licensed users a cutting edge in productions and performances too.

I also realized that I was obviously not going to use every single sound I produced on the Korg Kronos in my music productions as it was impossible to make that many quality records in such a short space of time and didn't want any of the sounds I made to never see the light of day! So, I decided to let other Kronos users use the thousands of new programs and license them to Kronos users who like the outstanding new sounds which I have created. I identified that the patches I put together for the Kronos would be ideal for people involved in sound production and would also be a perfect pre-production tool saving vast amounts of time when deadlines for projects have to be met.

It's taken me a few years to develop and produce the new programs for the Kronos and I am still working on new Sound Banks. My aim is to produce the best sounds on the market and help people write fantastic music by providing lots of inspiration and sounds which give users that edge over their rivals. It is my dream to become one of the best sound designers in the world and someone who Kronos users can trust and rely upon for Third Party Sound Libraries for their beloved synth and to be the number one choice in the world when it comes to programming synths.

I hope you will enjoy using my patches in your productions and I hope they will bring you lots of success!

- VITA (Mark Harrison) - Sound Designer (

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